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Association Croquet Information

The arrangements for play are shown on the attached provisional
Calendar, from which you will see: The season starts on Easter Monday with an all-comers practice session and ends in early October (weather permitting).

Training/Coaching (for both Golf and Association players) evenings are on Thursday’s 6.00 p.m. - Dark, (these may not take place on Club Tournament days).

To book outside the Association schedule the online booking system has been modified and will cope with multi-person Association bookings for up to 8 players for any one session using 1st and 2nd colours.

The link to the Booking system will be found on the Booking page.

A refresher course on how to use the system will be available but instructions are also available on

 the “How to Book” pages

Internal Competitions for Association Croquet

One DayTournaments

The club will be holding the Egyptian Association Croquet One Day Tournaments throughout the season, generally every second Monday.

Monday 10th  of April                                   Monday 24th  April                                    Monday 8th  May

Monday 22nd May                                        Monday 5th  June                                      Monday 19th  June   

Monday 3rd July                                           Monday 17th July                                      Monday 31st July    

Monday 14th  August                                   Monday 4th  September                           Monday 18th September

(Finals Day)      

An email reminder will be sent out well before each event calling for entries in advance so that we can judge whether or not a second lawn is required. If you are interested in playing and you are not on last season’s list please contact Nick Harris

Thursday Evening Coaching

Every Thursday there will be a Coaching and/or practice sessions (coaching is available for Golf players at these sessions too) and list of dates when a qualified Coach will be available will be posted on the Club Noticeboard.

EACF League Competition

The club will be entering the EACF Association Handicap League and Neil Chalmers has kindly offered to run the team again this season, he will be looking for players so please let him know if you are interested. (neil.chalmers@btinternet.com)

The CA Calendar Event  “The Chalkhill Mallet”

The Club is also holding “The Chalkhill Mallet”, a Croquet Association Handicap Weekend Tournament, advertised nationally , on the 6th and 7th of August so there will be no casual play available for members that weekend except on Sunday Evening.

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