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Golf Croquet Information

The arrangements for play are shown on the attached Calendar, from which you will see: The season starts on April 1st with an all-comers practice session at 10:00 and ends in early/mid October (weather permitting).

Opportunities for Golf Croquet level play on Tuesday, Thursday  and Saturday mornings 10:00 - 2:00 p.m for all comers no need to book.   which depending upon numbers can be set up as 2 small Lawns.

Other times that are available are shown on the Calendar in Blue with bookable 2 hour sessions starting at noon, 2.00  4.00   and  6:00 pm.  White areas may also be booked for golf.

Training/Coaching (for both Golf and Association players) evenings are on Thursday’s 6.00 p.m. - Dark, (these may not take place on Club Tournament days).

Internal Club Golf Tournaments are shown on the Calendar.

Inter-club - EACF matches are generally on Sundays, dates to be decided (maybe some Saturdays).

To book outside the Golf schedule the online booking system has been modified and will cope with

Golf bookings for up to 8 players for any one session using 1st and 2nd Colours

The link to the Booking system will be found on the Booking page.

A refresher course on how to use the system will be available but instructions are also available on the “How to Book” pages

Do you know the difference between Level play and Handicap play?

For example:  In golf croquet if you play Les Barnard in level play you might find it hard to beat him as level play means you start out equal with no advantage on either side , so the chances are the better player is realistically more likely to win.

If you had a handicap of 10 and you play Les who has a handicap of 5 you will be given 5 extra shots (called bisques) to use at your discretion and the more you play with bisques the better use you will be able to make of those extra shots.  So, why not give it a go.

Les will take you round at a time to suit both to set your initial handicap and he will show you how to complete the handicap card.  So if you would like the experience of occassionally playing with a handicap please contact Les on 01603 626394.

To set a Handicap Les will take you round 6 hoops and will count the number of strokes it takes to complete the round, you do this three times in all and then your handicap is set accordingly, see below:

Strokes taken           Initial Handicap

    50-54                            7

    55-60                            8

    61-64                          10

    64-70                          12

    71-78                          14

    >78                             16

For Association Croquet players Nick is the Club Handicapper

All Dates are Provisional Dates

This year Mary Moore is organising both The Betty King  Plate and the Singles Golf handicap play on the following dates:Provisional Dates

Friday April 21st                                              Wednesday 25th May                           Friday June 9th

Wednesday 12th July                                    Friday 11th August                                Wednesday 13th September

A morning is from 10.00 - 1.00 and afternoons 1.00 - 4.00  You will be able to sign up for either half a day or a full day.  You will be able to practice using your handicap so please keep an eye on the notice board in order to sign up.   Although on the calendar Wednesdays are allocated handicap days you can play on any other free day but you will need to arrange for someone to play with.

All new members will now automatically be given a handicap as part of their induction to Norwich Croquet Club.

Remember our Golf Croquet Social Days, which are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings are level play days.

Betty King Plate Provisional Dates

Friday April 21st                                              Wednesday 25th May                           Friday June 9th

Wednesday 12th July                                    Friday 11th August                                Wednesday 13th September

In addition, games for the Plate can take place at any time, when the lawn is free, by members organising games between themselves.  However to encourage more people to enter, most Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, when there are no other bookings, our lawn will be used for members to play and a form will go up on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

Please make sure you sign up on the notice board as there will be a maximum of 6 players per session per lawn (12 in total) either morning or afternoon.  The second lawn will only be booked if there are sufficient members signed up.  

NB.  Please let the other players know if you are unable to play and you have signed up.

Instructions for scoring are as follows (you will be given your initial rating, which is 100, when you sign up):

The Doubles Competition organised by Rosemary and Hazel will be held on the following dates:

Provisional Dates

Tuesday 25th  April                                  Thursday  18th May                                      Tuesday  20th June

Thursday 20th July                                  Tuesday 22nd August                                    Thursday 21st September

The Club is holding “The Chalkhill Mallet”, a Croquet Association Handicap Weekend Tournament, advertised nationally , on the 6th and 7th of August so there will be no Golf Croquet play available for members that weekend except on Sunday Evening.

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Rating Difference

Higher Rated Player

Higher Rated Player

Lower Rated Player

Lower Rated Player





0 – 8





9 – 16





17 – 24





25 – 32










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